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There are only a handful of landrace strains that you can buy and try. Durban Poison is chief among them. This sativa’s origins trace back to South Africa, but you don’t need to board a plane to pick some up — just stop by Phenotopia while driving through Santa Rosa. Trust us, this strain is worth the trip.

Durban Poison Origins and Effects

It’s not just its unique roots that make Durban Poison special. Its potency and energizing head high earn this strain acclaim from California to Cape Town.

Where Does Durban Poison Come From?

Ed Rosenthal brought this cultivar to the United States from Durban, South Africa. As a landrace strain, Durban Poison is somewhat of a rarity. Landrace strains are unaltered from the natural way they evolved in the wilderness. Unlike hybrids, where different strains are brought together, Durban Poison’s effects are not influenced by breeding. Its name is a nod to this heritage. Other famous landrace strains include Afghani, Hindu Kush and Acapulco Gold.

Durban Poison made its way to the United States through legendary cannabis cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal. As the story goes, Rosenthal stumbled upon this fast-flowering strain while searching for new genetics in South Africa. The seeds made their way to America, and the rest is history.

Durban Poison’s Cannabinoid Profile

Durban Poison flower can contain THC levels as high as 25%. That’s pretty significant, even with other strains pushing 30% or greater THC content. You’ll also find a notable Cannabigerol (CBG) presence of around 1% in this strain.

Durban Poison’s Terpene Profile

Durban Poison is a rarity in that terpinolene is the leading terpene in its scent and flavor profile. This is something to celebrate in a world where myrcene and caryophyllene are among the most common dominant terpenes. Beta-Myrcene, D-Limonene, Myrcene and Ocimene are other leading terpenes in this strain.

What Does Durban Poison Flower Look Like?

Dense, emerald-green buds are the hallmark of Durban Poison flower. This flower boasts a thick coat of trichomes as well.

The flower shape itself exhibits both indica and sativa traits. Its compact structure is often associated with indica, while its shape is often associated with sativa.

Can You Cultivate Durban Poison?

If you’re first earning your green thumb, Durban Poison is a great strain to kick-start your cultivation journey. This strain has a relatively fast flowering time, between seven to nine weeks, so you’ll reap the fruits of your labor quickly with this one. Durban Poison is best cultivated in warm and sunny climates, not unlike its home country. Watch out for their height, as these plants tend to grow tall.

Describing The Durban Poison Experience

Motivation, creativity and focus are hallmarks of the Durban Poison experience. The head high is euphoric and uplifting, busting stress and boosting joy as you go about your day. And because there’s little chance of couch lock with Durban Poison, it’s a favorite for go-getters who love a morning toke to get their day going. No wonder so many people love this strain!

Why Patients Might Benefit From Durban Poison

If you use cannabis to manage pain, anxiety or another medical condition, Durban Poison is sure to end up in your rotation. Its energy-encouraging effects are great for patients who need their medicine throughout the day but don’t want to feel mentally cloudy or physically sluggish. These effects are what make Durban Poison a go-to for patients who manage chronic pain or spikes in anxiety with cannabis.

Does Durban Poison Have Side Effects?

All cannabis, including Durban Poison, can be too much of a good thing. More THC than you can handle can make anxiety worse. You might also develop a case of cottonmouth or dry eyes.

The best way to dodge these side effects is to work to avoid them in the first place. Try a little and assess how you feel once the appropriate amount of time has passed. Don’t consume more Durban Poison or any strain if you’ve achieved your desired effects with just a small amount.

2 Strains Similar To Durban Poison

If you want to try something similar to Durban Poison, these two strains might do the trick:

    • White Durban: This sativa-dominant hybrid counts Durban Poison among its parent strains. It has a similar compound profile, with a terpinolene-dominant terpene profile and similar amounts of THC and CBG.
  • Ghost Train Haze: This sativa is celebrated for its energizing and uplifting experience, just like Durban Poison.

    Another sativa strain with high THC content, Ghost Train Haze, is excellent for uplifting energy and easing stress.

As a landrace strain, it’s a bit harder to replicate Durban Poison than it is to find similar hybrids. But it isn’t an impossible task. Here’s how to narrow down which strains might be similar.

  • Look for hybrids that have Durban Poison in their lineage.
  • Check for a similar THC and minor cannabinoids content
  • Examine the terpene profile for similarities
  • Read reviews of other strains online

Shop Durban Poison with Phenotopia

Come for the cannabis, stay for the community. Santa Rosa’s finest cannabis dispensary is right off the 101, open seven days a week with a fully stacked menu. Take a shortcut below to see which Durban Poison products are on the menu:

Come say high or place an order online for pickup — we’re here to sell you weed at your speed.


Where Does The Name Durban Poison Name Come From?

Durban Poison is a nod to Durban, South Africa, where this landrace strain originates.

Is Durban Poison Indica or Sativa?

Durban Poison is a pure landrace sativa.

Is Durban Poison The Strongest Sativa?

Strong is a relative term here. It certainly can reach high THC percentages and can be among the stronger sativas you try. This strain’s traits are predominantly those associated with sativas, too. But what’s “strong” comes down to your preferences.

What Does The Durban Poison High Feel Like?

It’s like coffee without any brewing or a cup. Durban Poison is energy-forward, with clarity, focus and creativity core to the experience.

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