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Let’s get one thing straight from the jump. There’s so much fire weed grown in Cali these days that it was brutal to cut this list down to just 10 strains. We can think of at least 20 more off-top that are almost just as worthy.

So why did these 10 make the cut?

Read on and find out!

1.Blue Face (Fig Farms)

Grown by Fig Farms, Blue Face is a cross of Face Off OG and a rare blue phenotype of Animal Mints. Blue Face got its name from its lineage and color. Her sharp terpene profile is compelling and gives Blue Face an exotic nose with notes of ginger, redwood bark, freshly rubbed eraser, and window cleaner.

Blue Face is also rare because, according to Fig Farms, she’s very hard to grow. That’s too bad because Blue Face is a blue ribbon cultivar, winning 3rd place in the Indoor Flower category at The 2022 Emerald Cup, 1st place in the Indoor Flower category at The Emerald Cup in 2023, and Best in Show at The Emerald Cup in 2023.

2.Cereal Milk (CBX):

Cannabiotix’s Cereal Milk is a cross of award-winning Strawberry Lemonade and Thicc Mint Cookies Phenotype #15. Bred by Limited Trees Genetics, Cereal Milk has chunky, light green buds glazed in a heavy trichome frost.

Cereal Milk earned her name because she tastes just like that sweet milk leftover after smashing a bowl of Captain Crunch.

3.Maui Wowie (UpNorth):

This is an old-school classic Sativa grown to perfection by UpNorth. Created by crossing Hawaiian and a mystery strain, Maui Wowie quickly spread from Hawaii across the globe as an emissary of tropical flavors and turned-up euphoria.

Tall and lanky, this strain does best in warm, tropical climates. That said, the cultivation team at UpNorth has proved beyond all doubt that Maui Wowie thrives indoors under the right conditions.

4.Moonana Wreck (Fig Farms):

This cross of Banana Fig and Moon Drops 103 #1 is both grown and bred by Fig Farms. The parent genetics here are truly special, with a surprising twist.

Banana Fig is a Cannabis Cup winner. Moon Drops is a cross of Purple Urkle and Dosido, but the #1 pheno is next level. Fig Farms expected grape gas from this pairing, but that’s not what they got.

Turns out Moonana Wreck tastes more like Trainwreck flavored mouthwash with notes of cantaloupe rind and blue Gatorade. Even more strange when you consider that there is no Trainwreck in her lineage.

Moonana Wreck is always super sticky, and she has an accelerant-type high.

5.Slush (Seven Leaves):

This one’s so good that Seven Leaves is keeping secrets. One Slush parent is a Blue Sherbert pheno. Blue Sherbert is Sunset Sherbert crossed with Blue Cookies. But the other parent?


Well played, 7 Leaves. Nothing keeps people interested more than a good mystery.

What we do know is that Slush is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Her flavor mixes berries, candy, and citrus cream. Fruity, smooth, and uplifting, you can savor Slush all day and never miss a beat.

6.Bubbagum Popperz (Super Dope):

Bubblegum Popperz is the third strain released as part of Super Dope’s Super Hentai Series. The Super Hentai Series (aka The Popperz Series) attempts to pass on the sweet candy terps that made Lemon Cherry Gelato a global phenomenon.

Bubblegum Popperz makes it happen with heavy bubblegum notes and, of course, those super sweet candy terps. Super Dope left no stone unturned and cycled through dozens of cultivars before they found this one.

Fun Fact: Bubbagum is more potent than Cherry and Lemon Popperz.

7.Super Ted (Teds Budz)

This cross of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Rainbow Runtz has a very intense high and might not be the best choice for newbies. Expect heavy couchlock and heavier munchies.

Super Ted has fluffy green flowers that fade to purple and with a heavy dusting of trichomes. Her nose is all candy, gas, and funk.

8.Atomic Apple (Alien Labs):

Atomic Apple is a cross of Triangle Mints and Apple Fritter. This intergalactic phenomenon has buds resembling comets as they crash into your grinder.

With purples, greens, and flaming orange hairs, her nose evokes sour apple candy. Go deeper into space, and you’ll taste gas and vanilla cream on the palette. But be careful with Atomic Apple. She’s strong enough to send you into orbit.

9.French Laundry (Maven):

A cross of Maven’s L.A. Rouge and The Soap, French Laundry is both complex and refined. Her multicolored flowers are covered in glistening trichomes, and her nose hits with notes of diesel and citrus. Savory flavors of spice, fruit, and cheese follow, with a lavender exhale that washes it all away.

French Laundry is a true hybrid, blending an energetic euphoria that never gets out of hand because it’s balanced with a deep, pleasant, relaxing calm.

10.Triple Scoop (Cookies):

Triple Scoop is a cross of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Honey Bun from the famed Cookie Fam. Crack a fresh jar, and you’re hit with notes of rainbow sherbet ice cream, candied fruit, and gas. Her smoke tastes much like her nose: gassy, creamy, and fruity.

Triple Scoop is a mentally stimulating high that’s creative and functional. This is a get after it and get things done smoke.

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